Provider data is ever changing with provider moving from practice to practice, or out of state, retiring or new medical graduates joining the workforce. Government issued IDs such as DEA and state licenses expire, change, and renew.

Stay up to date on your changing provider data through Notification Monitoring when you enroll in Provider411 with Insights. Get the latest changes in your state or even integrate your provider network data with us to see changes only on your contracted providers.

Starting Jan 2022, the No Surprises Act is requiring payers to monitor and update their directory information every 90 days. Notification Monitoring can tell you when:

  • Providers add, or change addresses
  • Providers receive a sanction by a state licensure board or the Office of Inspector General (OIG)
  • Board certifications change
  • State license information changes
  • DEA or NPI information change
  • Providers change group or hospital affiliations
  • Providers retire, pass away, or go inactive for any other reason